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About Apple Box Children's Theater

Apple Box Children’s Theater (ABC) is a community theater that provides an affordable venue to put every child—regardless of race, creed, gender, or ability—on stage in order to boost their confidence, enhance teamwork skills, and build responsibility and accountability in their characters.

Apple Box Theater is proud to partner with Western Oregon University and Central High School to provide educational opportunities that last beyond the performances. Students at CHS and WOU gain practical experience running a show while participating. The resources, including people, shared between the three create a stronger and more sustainable community around theater in Monmouth/Independence.

History of Apple Box Children's Theater

Started by WOU (then called Oregon College of Education) professor Don Weiss in the 1970's, Apple Box Children's Theater was re-established in his memory by Rob and Barbara Harriman in 2010. It was a labor of love for them, and relied entirely on volunteers to run. In 2020, Apple Box established a partnership with Central High School and Western Oregon University which leverages the CTE path at CHS with the Theatre Education program at WOU. While the need for volunteers will never cease, this partnership provides a path to move forward in a more sustainable fashion, while providing valuable experience to students in both programs.

The purpose of Apple Box Children's Theater is primarily to have fun! Added benefits are that children gain confidence and develop their abilities to work on a team, as well as learn about the history of theater, classic literature, and what it takes to put a production on.

Typical Apple Box Schedule

Auditions for our early July performance are typically held in April. Everyone who wants to have a part will get one. All kids can participate in Apple Box.

Rehearsals begin in May and take place a few nights a week and on Saturday mornings. After the school year ends, rehearsals move to a nightly schedule (week nights) and continue on Saturdays.

Depending on our performance dates, Apple Box sometimes participates in the Fourth of July parade in Monmouth.

Typically we perform the play on three evenings (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) and we sometimes include a Saturday matinee. 


Executive Producer/ Western Oregon University Liaison 

Maren Bradley Anderson 


Apple Box Children's Theater is funded by a grants, including from the Polk County Cultural Commission, and donations. 

Now we accept donations year-round! 

Go to: or click the QR code below. 

Please note in the “Other designation” box that your gift is for "Apple Box Children's Theater."


Much Ado About Nothing 2021 credit: Camila Gabaldon-Winningham

Much Ado About Nothing 2021 credit: Camila Gabaldon-Winningham

Much Ado About Nothing 2021 credit: Camila Gabaldon-Winningham